Mark those calendars!

I have my own site. Yay!

Back in 2000, I saw a boom of dot coms. And always wished I could have a place parked in the virtual world. Over the last 10 years, I have brainstormed many ideas and created many sites, but this is the final outcome. Now, I have my own site.

Someone asked why Nagi’s World and planet. Do I live in my own little world?

Well … No.

This is a small attempt to show you the my world – the time and placeĀ  and people I come from … to show you who I am, what I do – my world from inside. The stories you may read are from earth, not from planet Nagi (which is also a fictional planet of the Star Wars universe).

So sit back, relax, read and enjoy. Do leave comments, by clicking on the comments button on the top of the page or at the end of the story.