Battlefield 2 … Spotting Enemy Vehicles by Commander …

Spotting is a power that is often sorely overlooked. As a soldier, have you ever pointed at an enemy vehicle, held down “Q”, and clicked? It will make you automatically call out, “Enemy tank is inbound, over!” or something similar, and that tank will appear on your ENTIRE TEAM’S minimap for a little bit, right?

Commanders can do the exact same thing, only better.

If you are in your overhead view, and you right click, one of your options will be “Spotted”. Select this, and you’ll spot an enemy unit that is near where you clicked. The range on this is surprisingly large, so try spotting directly on an enemy flag that your troops are about to move in on.

If you hear yourself say, “Enemy forces spotted!” and a blinking question mark appears where you clicked, then that means there is NO enemy in the generous range of your Spotted power. Let me repeat that, because it’s important: if enemy “forces” are spotted, then that means the general area of the blinking question mark is CLEAR, SAFE, and FREE OF OPPOSITION… usually.

Occasionally, you can click directly on an enemy, and you’ll spot “enemy forces” anyway. This occurs when you spot a gunner or passenger in a vehicle, and you will notice that it frequently happens when trying to spot choppers or cars with someone on the turret but with no driver. There’s little help for it, so just consider it a stupid bug.

But you can’t really just be clicking everywhere randomly.

JPS Nagi
May 2007
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