About Me

Let’s start with a name – JPS Nagi (expand it, and it becomes pretty long). Different phases of my life brought together lot of different friends and many different names. Some friends have called me JP, others remember me as Nagi, my parents call me Sonu, and my wife … well let’s not worry about what she calls me.

It’s difficult for me to give a short summary of my life thus far (I am not a man of few words). It took 35 years on this rock, 94 million miles from the Sun, to be who I am. It will take me few days to tell you about me. I am son, husband, father, friend and an engineer. I love to watch movies, listen to (loud) music, reading (over the last few years I have moved from literature to Sci-Fi/ Fantasy stories), blogger (I have my own blog), author (I write short stories), composer (of electronic music), gadgeteer, computer geek and many other things. Phew !

I heard Morgan Freeman say in The Shawshank’s Redemption, “Get busy living or get busy dying”. I like to live by that motto. I am trying to stay busy living.

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